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Unforgettable Experience With Tourism Day

Our last day out for Youth Leadership Highlands was Ag and Tourism day on the north side of the county and one of my personal favorites! At the beginning of our trip we talked to Casey Hartt, the director of tourism in Highlands County, and we learned so much about the many events and places that draw people to our county. Some including the Sebring Soda Shop and Highlands Hammock State Park, which has a very interesting history. We got to see all sorts of cool things, such as the haunted and historic Jacaranda Hotel in Avon Park where Babe Ruth himself has stayed. Not to mention we got to pick blueberries to take home from Sunshine Blueberry Farms which were absolutely delicious. To top it all off we had the pleasure of seeing Maxwell Groves Country Store and tasting some of the best orange juice and orange ice cream I’ve ever had. It was a great experience and something that I will not forget!


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