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Beautiful Highlands County

On January 24, 2019 the YLH class VIII had our Tourism day on the North side of Highlands County. Our first stop was the Sebring Racetrack where we learned that the Racetrack was originally an airplane base. The Sebring Racetrack is very well known around the world, even in Europe. There have even been NASCAR drivers in our very own hometown driving on that track! Next, we went to Maxwell’s in Avon Park. This establishment makes their own citrus juices and ice creams. Mr. Maxwell taught us that it is very important to work for what you believe in, and as long as we keep rooted in our faith God will help us along our journey. It is obvious that Maxwell’s is well loved, when Mr. Maxwell was talking to us at least 7 different people came into the store to buy orange juice, all in a span of about 30 minutes! After Maxwell’s we went to the SFSC college in Avon Park and looked at their Museum of Art. It was easy to tell that people at this Museum were very passionate about art. We learned that there are some very famous paintings in that gallery that many other museums are trying to get. Which means our very own SFSC in Avon Park has some very prestigious pieces of artwork! Finally, we went to the Sun ‘N Lakes Golf Course. There we learned that a lot of work goes into keeping up with a golf course. Not one small task is overlooked and everyone plays a vital role in keeping the golf course up to “par”. At the golf course we met Casey Hart whose job it is to advocate for Highlands County Tourism and everything it has to offer. She spreads the word about Highlands County and works to get people to visit so our wonderful county can flourish. Our Tourism day taught us that it is important to pay attention to what our beautiful county has to offer. There are many tourism opportunities here and we should all take the time to appreciate them.

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