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Learning About Valiant People In Our Community

Not every field trip type event I have been on has been as successful as the one we went on in November for YLH Government Day. How many kids get to say they’ve been inside their county jail, talked to a circuit court judge, seen K-9’s in action, and learn they might consider a different career after just one day of touring around our “little” town? I was truly excited and amazed throughout my entire day because even when we are sitting in a room and being spoken to, I still felt engaged and thankful I was able to be in that room and hear those role models speak. The jail was most definitely intimidating but we encountered two female nurses inside which was a career everyone was shocked to hear about because we forget there are various components within a jail that it takes to keep it running properly. I was most thankful to connect with the K-9 unit since we were able to meet officers and dogs who save lives everyday. Seeing the German shepherds, and bloodhounds in action was breathtaking because it is not everyday you get to witness how it all really works. YHL introduced us to so many valiant people who are right under our noses everyday and it was an amazing opportunity for all of us to sit in on.


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