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Performing Arts and Tourism

Tourism was by far one of my favorite days. We started off at the Chamber of Commerce where we learned about the importance tourism has in our county. Then we continued on to the Highlands Hammock State Park and we toured the very scenic trails. SFSC Performing Arts Center was one thing that stuck with me. Performing arts takes up a much larger portion of tourism than I previously thought. People from all over Florida travel here to watch performances of Broadway plays. We ate a very delicious lunch at the historic hotel named the "Jacaranda" which is named after a beautiful tree. Downtown Sebring has many food options such as the Soda Shop located on the circle. It provides a large portion of the restaurants in which tourists enjoy. Highlands county is very well known for the orange trees. Maxwell Groves Country Store displays these in a very unique way. They have a small shop with many orange themed items, also the best ice cream and orange juice. This day taught me many interesting things about my county that I never knew. My eyes were really opened and impressed with what our county does on a daily.


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