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A Race to Fill the Pantry

The Heartland Food Bank is a non-profit organization that collects, stores, and distributes food for anyone that is in need. As a member of the Mason G. Smoak Leadership organization, we have an extraordinary opportunity to help stock their pantry. Each member is encouraged to reach out to our community asking for donations. These donations are then used to fund our race. We are placed into small teams, given a grocery list, as well as a time limit, and then sent off to shop. The goal is to get as many items on the list in the given time. Our groceries are then scanned, bagged, and tallied. The team that spends the most money is declared the winner; however, having the opportunity to fill the pantry makes us all winners. This year, with the help of our generous community we were able to raise over five thousand dollars, which has a profound impact on so many lives. Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors!


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