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Stay Out of Trouble!

Government and Education day definitely gave us all a reason first hand to stay out of trouble. We started the day off at the Sebring Chamber of Commerce and then traveled to the Highlands County Courthouse. At the courthouse we were greeted by Captain John Barcinas. Although, getting into the courthouse was not as easy as just walking through the front doors. We were all walked through metal detectors and then crowded into a hallway before entering the courtroom. Once in the courtroom we met the Clerk of Courts, Mr. Bob Germaine. He has many jobs, including taking care of the county’s budget. We were then asked to all rise as one of the circuit judges walked in. She explained all the branches of government and informed us of her very important job. We were then introduced to the respected and upstanding Highlands County Sheriff, Sheriff Blackman. He gave a summary of the rolls of the different departments and told us a few stories about what his job has included since he’s been in his position. I’m pretty sure we were all on the edge of our seats listening to him speak. Next, we heard a presentation on the CSI department and everything they have to pay attention to and endure while doing their job. After that, we went back outside and met a few SWAT team members and heard them speak while also trying to pick up the very heavy weapons and shields they use to help people. Next, we went to the county jail, which was a new experience for me. We saw how the jail system works and then went outside to see a K-9 demonstration. After learning about our local government, we traveled to the education side of things. We went to South Florida State College and learned all about new technology advancements and even learned how they work. We had the privilege of touching some of the projects and trying to figure out what makes them tick. At the end of the day the whole YLH group sat together and discussed how we felt the year went and what we enjoyed the most. I think everyone there was so honored to be able to join such an uplifting and spiritual group. I have benefited so much from this past year and I feel I have really grown as a leader. I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity.

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