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Business and Healthcare Day

Business and Healthcare Day at YLH was interesting because we got to learn how a business began and their struggles coming up in addition to seeing how proud they are to see how far they’ve come. Other than that, businesses such as Nucor; which I didn’t realize was in Highlands County, provides a full scholarship for tuition and housing at Nucor Technical Academy. So, you can go to college and get paid for attending those classes and after graduating being offered a job with the Nucor team, full-time plus all of their benefits. We also learned that you can have a job at Advent Health while they pay for you to go to college and once you graduate end up getting paid more than someone who graduated at the same time as you. Learning about how one idea changed their whole lifestyle is incredible. It is obvious that there are many opportunities out there that many are not aware of and YLH is there to expose us to those opportunities and see how we can make a difference by showing us ways to help better our community.


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