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The Economy and Community of Sebring

On Wednesday, January 29th, the YLH class traveled to different businesses in Sebring to learn about what each business does and how they contribute to the community. First, we went to the Sebring Raceway and learned how the 12 Hours of Sebring and how the tourists it brings in directly affects the businesses and the economy in the town. Then we rode over to the airport to hear from the Economic Development Director to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of starting a business in Highlands County. After that we went to CitraPac, toured their factory, and learned how the citrus business can be applied in more ways than one would think (we also got to sample their tasty Fruit Pearls). Next, we traveled to the Results Companies. Here, we were able to listen to the live calls made to the center. This was one of my favorite places to visit because I loved hearing the reasons people would call and watching the calm reactions of the call takers (I wouldn’t be able to do that job because it takes a lot of patience). Lastly, and my personal favorite of the locations, was the AdventHealth Sebring. Here, we met the CEO of the hospital, a leader of their Creation Life Program, a team member from the cath lab, and a salesperson that showed us new technology used in the hospital. I liked AdventHealth the most because I want to go into a science career in the future, and I was able to learn about volunteer opportunities that can benefit me in the future. Overall, we were able to learn about each individual business and understand how they fit together in the grand scheme of the economy and community of Sebring.

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