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Grocery Race Fun

On Sunday morning, April 25th, the participants of Youth Leadership Highlands (YLH) were participating in a grocery race. All the food that was collected was donated to the Heartland Food Bank. It was very important for the teams to raise enough money to pay for the groceries, we were getting sponsors to support the race. The racers included both group of teens from YLH Class IX and X. The following kids won in first place: Will Barben, Madi Cornell, Angela Huang and Camryn Derr with a total of $324.98 in groceries, second place: Landon Cox, Addie Ferguson, Hadley Jackson and Morgan McCracken with a total of $292.53 in groceries, and third place: Ben Deen, Kartik Ananthan and Layna Hood with a total of $275.70 in groceries. It was a very successful morning. And everyone had a great time!


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