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Keeping Our Roots Planted

Our Agriculture and Conservation day was very interesting and educational. At the beginning of our day we walked around the town of Lake Placid and were introduced to the many different murals and how they are an important source of income to our county. Next we visited Happiness Farms and learned about the different stages of growth and variations of the caladium plant which our county is known for worldwide. I found this stop very interesting because I learned that our county ships caladiums to many different places out of the country. We then spent some time learning about the conservation of Ospreys in our county. We ended the day at the Smoak Ranch where we heard about the Florida beef industry. Most importantly, we were able to do some team bonding exercises and understand how to get through some challenging obstacles we may face in life. Overall, myself and many of the other members in YLH learned many new things, especially about keeping our roots planted in our faith, and if do that, we will be able to persevere through any obstacles or challenges we may encounter.

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