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Learning from Government Figures

On Thursday, for Government Day, we went to the Sheriff’s Office and the shooting range. At the Sheriff’s Office we were given the opportunity to learn from many government figures throughout the community, such as the Clerk of Courts, Mr. Jerome Kaszubowski, Sheriff Paul Blackman, Judge Angela Cowden, and Investigator Kathy Perez. They taught us about the various aspects of working in government, and about what they do in their jobs. It was fascinating to learn about the variety of duties that government officials hold. One of the most inspiring moments of the day was when Judge Cowden told us that despite what we end up doing as a profession, we should strive to do it as best we can. Later in the day, we went to the shooting range and were given the opportunity to meet the SWAT team and look at the tools they use. We also got to meet the K9 team with adorable and hardworking members, such as Hooch the bloodhound. Overall, it was a really interesting and fun day!


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