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Helping People

During Social Services Day we learned a lot about many different foundations and organizations that are here to help people. One of the foundations we learned about is called Champion for Children. Champion for Children is all about helping kids by providing them with the resources they need, whether that is a bed, food, or a safe home. Another place we talked to is called Hope Haven Transitional Housing. Hope Haven is a great program. It helps anyone and everyone who needs a home or needs help getting back up on their feet. When staying with Hope Haven there are rules - you must have a job, no substance use, and kids go to school. Hope Haven is starting a project where they build tiny homes for the people they provide for once those people are back on their feet and can live on their own. We also talked with the CAC. CAC stands for Children’s Advocacy Center and what they do is help any kids up to the age of 18 who have been abused, whether that be sexually, physically, mentally, or verbally. They also help kids who have been abandoned and neglected by giving them a safe place to come to. The CAC partners with Law Enforcement, DCF and SVU so that these kids get the justice, protection and help that they need. Those were just a few of the foundations and organizations that we spoke with. We spoke with many others but those are the ones that stuck out to me. We learned a lot about what it takes to be a leader, but we also learned about all the places that are in our little county that many people don’t seem to know about.


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