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Becoming a Better Leader

I would like to start off by thanking everyone who took the time to come speak to our YLH class about their job and how they contribute to the community. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we learned something from each person we heard from which we can now use to become a better leader. One characteristic I noticed that each speaker had was humility. None of them thought they were better or more important that each other or their fellow employees. They acknowledged that each person on their team plays an important role in getting things done. Personally, someone who stuck out to me was Judge Cowden because of her story and what she had to say to us. She is definitely someone that I can look up to in the sense that if she comes across an obstacle in her life she will always find a way to move past it. She asked us a question, “Who here wants to be a garbage collector?” Of course, no one raised their hand, but Judge Cowden explained how without trashmen our world would be filthy. She explained how the jobs that are most hated are just as important as the rest. Another thing she told us was that no matter what we are doing, whether it be being the President of the United States or a garbage collector, we should always do it to the best of our abilities. After this trip I feel I can take that advice and apply it to my life to become a great leader.


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