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Agriculture in Highlands County

I have had such a great time in Youth Leadership this year. Last Wednesday, we had an Ag Day. We learned about some of the agriculture companies that are in Highlands County. Our first stop was to the beautiful caladium farms in Lake Placid. The company was Happiness Farms. It was amazing to me that they supply 90% of the caladiums to the world. The next place we were able to visit was Costa Delray. There are so many varieties of plants that are used in decorations. It was an interesting tour. Our last stop was to the Smoak Ranch. I really enjoyed riding around on the swamp buggies and learning about how much work goes into raising cattle. Our county has an amazing variety of agriculture companies that contribute to our community, our state and around the world. I’m so fortunate to have the opportunity to be in Mason G. Smoak Youth Leadership and grow up in this county!


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