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Eye Opening Experience

Our day started out by heading out to the 12 Hours of Sebring Racetrack, and while we were there, we heard about how the racetrack in little old Highlands County is adored by people over in Europe. We heard about the history of the racetrack and how it came to become what it is today. After that, we went over to the airport to hear about economic development and did you know that the countertops in all Victoria’s Secret fashion stores were shipped out of Highlands County? Next, we drove over to the Results Companies building and experienced what it was like to work on the phones, and we got to see just how much patience it takes to be able to work there. After a delicious lunch, we went over to Advent Health and heard about our amazing Cath Lab as well as a Tru-D the robot that can clean and disinfect the rooms at the hospital. Business day was very eye-opening in the way that we got to learn about some businesses we might not have even known were in Highlands County.

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