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Daily Ups and Downs of a Profession

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For our day out in January, YLH and I explored businesses throughout Sebring. From understanding how the local International Raceway makes money to understanding the largest employer of our county, AdventHealth. The best experiences had to be The Results Companies and AdventHealth. While at Results, I got to listen to calls from one of the operators which was more eye-opening than you might think. The call I listened to wasn’t particularly interesting as my operator had to wait for someone else to message her back in order to continue the call. But I learned the amount of stress and pressure put on their backs about a job like this and was able to see how disciplined they were and how much self-control they exerted. The operator had said that she was trying to meet a call time quota for a bonus, and that even though this call was taking extra-long, she was disciplined and had made a safety net earlier so that she could still get that bonus. She remained calm for she knew that all would work out and if she let herself get swayed then it would only exhibit through her other calls and possibly ruin the day of whoever else she was helping. AdventHealth was another amazing experience that day. We were able to learn about the struggles of working in the medical field while understanding a love for it. Each one of the professionals we heard from were emotionally fueled (having a base or network of trusted people for which they can share their emotions and feelings with at a personal and interactive level). Having that network of others for emotional fuel had directed them to the medical field and encouraged them to want to help others by not only nurturing their physically health but their emotionally and spiritually health as well. The session helped me understand that if I wanted to go into the medical field that I needed to be well fueled emotionally in order to handle the daily ups and downs of that profession.

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