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Waking up at 4:45 AM

Waking up at 4:45 to drive an hour to be with my best friends is something I’ll never forget. I was tired and grumpy - no doubt. But when I walked into Publix, saw the faces of my friends and the jokes began to flow around me, I woke up and began to enjoy the fun. My team was 3rd to race for groceries for the Heartland Food Bank. I was so confused and luckily Josh pointed us in the right direction, got us through the store and to the finish line. Boy, was that a long 3 minutes of fast walking around the grocery store. After our team had our turn to race we all hung out until it was time to load up the food in the truck. It was crazy how much food we collected, bag after bag, we filled the truck floor to the brim. With great team work it was over in minutes and Mrs. Amy gave us the totals for what we had collected, I was astonished. Knowing all the food we had just gotten for fun was going to people in need made me feel really good. I always forget how great it feels to go out and help others until I’m with my YLH friends. This may have been our last event together as a YLH class but I know the bonds we’ve built will take us into a future full of more action and team work in our community. Y’all haven’t seen the last of us yet!

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