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Jail Food... What A Day!

Government day really stood out to me out of all of our outings. Over the course of this day, I saw our county’s government at a perspective many people don’t get the chance to. We started our day at the courthouse where we met very influential and important people in our county. For example, we had the honor to meet our county sheriff, our Clerk of Courts, the SWAT team, the CSI unit, and even one of our Judges. Being able to talk to them and listen to the things they do in the community was truly inspiring. You pass those buildings almost every day, but don’t realize all of the things happening inside. We also had the chance to tour the jail and visit the K-9 Unit. We even ate jail food which I could personally say gave me an incentive not to go to jail. To top the day off, we visited the local college mechatronics program. We were able to get a sneak peek of all the new technology and see exactly what our industrial future holds.

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