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Why We Do What We Do

Today was our AG Day. Our first stop was at Happiness Farms owned by the Phypers. We learned about the process that Caladium bulbs go through from the time they are harvested to the time they are sold to customers. Our next stop was at the lock off 621 where we talked to Mr. Mike about tagging Osprey and he told us about his job and how he keeps record of the Osprey and where they travel. Our last stop was at our family ranch in Venus. We talked with my Uncle John about what we were doing on the ranch. He explained why we do what we do to conserve the land. He discussed the importance of control burning, fertilizing the pastures, and cattle grazing. He also talked about what we do to keep the cattle healthy and the process they go through when we work them for vaccinations and shipping. I really enjoyed our AG Day because I felt right at home.

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