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Tourism Day Out

On our tourism day out, I go to learn a lot about different places in our community. For example, I didn’tknow that there was a museum at SFSC. When we went there it was really interesting to see all of the historical objects that had been curated for our state and community. The art exhibit that was displayed there was also very cool. The pieces were unique, colorful, and looked like a lot of dedication had been put into them. It was nice to learn about the history of Highlands County throughout the day. When we went to the racetrack we got to learn about its background story and the worldwide significance of it.

It’s hard to think, that a place as small as Sebring, is famous in a place like Italy. Even though these stops were very educational my favorite part of the day was going to Maxwell Groves in Avon Park. When talking to Mr. Maxwell, you could tell all of the passion and faith that he put into his career and business, and how much he truly cared about it. The stories he told showed how much God can do for others and the blessings that He gives us. Getting to have some of their ice cream was a plus, too!

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