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Tight Knit Highlands County Yet Huge!

On Thursday, January 24, 2019, the Youth Leadership Highlands of the Mason G. Smoak Foundation set out to learn about the variety of tourism aspects that are in Highlands County. The first location we went to was the Sebring International Raceway. I really did not know the history behind it was so interesting. We then went to Maxwell Groves, Mr. Maxwell shared about the many experiences he encountered through his life. It was a very powerful story and taught me to keep going and know that God is always there when we need him. After that we also went to the SFSC Museum of Florida Art & Culture, as well as, the Sun N’ Lake Golf Club. There was a wide variety of valuable art pieces fromFlorida history at the museum. The Golf Club was a very well maintained business that demonstrated that even when life gets busy, you can find or make a way to get things done. To wrap up our day, we talked to the Lead Marketing Consultant of Highlands County, Ms. Cassie Hart, to see how much dedication is put into making this county popular. I am so glad I had the opportunity to have learned thethings I did. I never knew that Highlands County had so much to offer. I had an amazing time on the whole trip and I am beyond glad that I found out this information because even in this tight knit community we have such a huge world!

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