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My Horizons Have Been Broadened

Youth Leadership Highlands Class VIII went to Florida Hospital, CitraPac, the Sebring Soda Shop, and Agero on our Business and Health Care Day Out. The Hospital has an online translator to communicate with patients who speak different languages. Because of the support from Seventh Day Adventists the Florida Hospital will soon be called Advent Health. CitraPac is the only company to freeze citrus in a way similar to dippin’ dots. To keep the citrus frozen, the temperature in the working area is very cold. In the deep freeze it can reach -40 degrees Fahrenheit!

The Sebring Soda Shop has over 300 different beverages. They are hoping to open a shop in Lake Placid soon. Agero is a company that answers and directs phone calls from clients with car issues or questions. Not only do they help in actual crashes and roadside assistance, but they can answer questions about insurance. Agero answers calls nationally. I learned that there are many jobs opportunities in Highlands County. The different people who spoke at the hospital and Agero had titles that I didn’t even know existed. I do not know what I want to do as a career and this trip broadened my horizons.

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