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My son has participated in the Mason G. Smoak Youth Leadership Highlands for the past two years. The first year, the program provided opportunities and hands-on experience to gain a more in-depth picture of our county and all it offers. The knowledge my son acquired opened his eyes to organizations and businesses that he never knew existed. He had many favorite days, but the social services day was the day that he talked about the most. It was a great way for him to understand “service to others.”

During his second year, he and his teammates were assigned the task of choosing and coordinating a project, and then following it through to the end. Although the group was given guidance, they essentially created and implemented it on their own. The great thing about this project was that the students learned valuable lessons about their personalities and leadership skills. These lessons taught that by working together big things would be accomplished.

Youth Leadership Highlands provided opportunities to learn about leadership, team building, careers, and serving others. It also allowed my son to meet students from other schools and develop friendships that will last a lifetime. Thank you for the time, energy, and commitment that your foundation provides to the students and community of Highlands County.

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