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Ag & Environment Day

We first visited the Journal plaza. We were told a story about the man who built the plaza against high odds. I learned that through strong leadership and determination I can do anything I set my mind too. We went to the Good News cafe where I learned from the owner how strong faith and devotion will help live a good life. We also visited the Blueberry Patch where I learned that taking risks can lead to rewards. I learned from Mr. Mike McMillan, the environmentalist who studies ospreys at the dike, about the lake ecosystem. Lastly, we traveled to the Smoak Ranch. Mr. Jason Cloud talked to us about the cattle and citrus industry and the role of Smoak Ranches in it. We engaged in various team-building exercises, and explored the ranch on buggy. To end the day, I learned some life lessons about life's trials and how to overcome them by being a oak.

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