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Fun, Informative and Insightful!

My third adventure with the Mason G Smoak Foundation was fun, informative, insightful, (like always). We visited a variety of places ranging from the popular Sebring Race Track, to local farms. Our first stop at the Sebring Race Track we got a behind the scenes peek at what it is like for racers, how they prepare for a race, the cost of running a race team, and how the Race Track affects our community here in Highlands County. Throughout the rest of the day we stopped at several places, each as insightful and entertaining as the last. The most valuable thing I think that I have learned thus far from the Mason G. Smoak Foundation is the importance of community. The interrelatedness of a community and how members of the community collaborate with one another is essential to its’ success in a way that I have never understood until now. The relationships I have been able to build through this program and the lessons I have learned here are priceless.

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