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Social Services Day

As I headed to the Chamber of Commerce this past Thursday I was unaware of the events I would experience later on in the day. We started our day at New Concepts, making Christmas crafts with the most amazing people I have ever met. Excitement filled the room as soon as the YLH group walked through the doors, it definitely filled our day with so much energy. Then, we got to learn about Hope Haven Transitional Housing and meet such a great leader for our county. This sweet lady has dedicated so much work and time into helping those in need, and certainly does not expect anything in return. The New Testament Mission was such a humbling experience for myself as well as other members of YLH. I’m so glad we were able to give a hand to the less fortunate in our community, and give them the strength and hope through God, to keep pushing on. Getting to learn about Samaritans Touch Care Center was another great experience. Seeing the amount of people that have been able to get the medical help they need left me speechless. Lastly, Nu-Hope Elder Care Services allowed the YLH to experience the daily struggles of so many of our aging population. It was an eye opening exercise and definitely gave our group a better understanding of what our elders face on a daily basis. Overall, the social services day was so much fun, and it left the YLH wondering what we could do to contribute and help our community.

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