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Social services day was an unforgettable day. Our first stop to begin our day was the New Concepts ADT, which is so hidden from sight that unless you are looking for it you wouldn’t know it was there. The people there were friendly and amazing, I enjoyed our time with them. The next stop was the Hope Haven Transitional Housing, the lady who made everything happen puts everyone ahead of herself and sometimes she sacrifices herself for anyone else that needs help. You can tell she is devoted to make sure the people in need of help get the help first and she tries her best to make sure no one is left alone. Once we left there we headed on over to the New Testament Mission. The ladies helping out made a variety of food and passed out toilet paper and instant mashed potatoes to the homeless people. They made the place feel welcoming inside and out. They also offer a place to sleep those who need it. After we helped serve food or pass out the items they were giving out that day, we got to eat lunch, which was surprisingly good. Our next stop was the Samaritans Touch Center which provides people over the age of 18 free appointments to doctors, dentists, or eye doctors. The last stop of the day was the Nu Hope Elder Care Services place, our hosts prepared interactive activities to show us what kind of eye sight older people have. This day was fun and informative, it was also my favorite so far.

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