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More than What I Imagined

On my way to the Chamber of Commerce this morning I was trying to imagine what our day out would be like. The entire day was much more than what I had planned it out to be in my mind.Through these interactions with local business owners, advisors, and trainees, I gained a new perspective. Our first stop, at CitraPac, I learned that everyday things can be turned into something great. Although it was used in a context of fruit by the masterminds behind Fruit Pearls, the philosophy can be applied to all walks of life. Furthermore, Agero, quite literally, taught me that it is not the outside that matters, but the inside. From outside, the location looks like any other commercial retail store, but on the inside, the place is a vast, indescribable center which assists people nationwide. Last but not least, my visit to the Florida Hospital gave me an insight into the dynamics of futuristic technology and its implementation into the healthcare industry. Examples include the ultraviolet room cleaner, the translating app, and the autonomous control of patient care taking by doctors in various places across the United States. I confess that as a result of my discussion with the medical student at Florida Hospital, I now want to go into the medical field. My experiences of CitraPac, Sebring Regional Airport, Agero, and Florida Hospital were far more meaningful than just mere visits. They carried a connotation that is best described as influential and impressive. All in all, I’m glad I took the initiative and applied for Youth Leadership Highlands and I am proud to refer to myself as an Oak.

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