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Business & Health Care Day

One of our stops today was the Sebring airport. We saw businesses in the Industrial Park, such as the Chateau Elan, Lockwood Aviation, Genpak, and CitraPac - which was one of the companies we visited. CitraPac is the company that makes Fruit Pearls. It was very chilly in the factory, so cold that you could see your breath. The reason it was so cold was because all the oranges had to be kept fresh and various products frozen. There were even special foot baths so we wouldn’t contaminate the floor.

Unfortunately, we could not go into the airport as it got hit hard by Hurricane Irma, so a representative of the airport came to us and we drove around it and the Industrial Park. In the airport itself, some hangars didn’t have roofs, and a few even held planes during the hurricane. Luckily, none of the planes were damaged. The legendary Sebring Aviation Expo will proceed on schedule. We also learned that Sebring hosted a B-17 Flying Fortress squadron during WWII as an Army Air Corps airfield named Hendricks Army Airfield (The Air Force was established as a branch of the Army, as they used the planes for recon and ground support. After WWII, the Army Air Corps was put into its own branch of the Armed Forces as the U.S. Air Force).

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