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Business Day In Highlands County

Today we truly got to experience the many elements that combine to create success among the businesses in our county. While learning along the way, we got to see first hand how local businesses carry out a regular day. At CitraPac we learned the importance of team work and how each person plays a specific role in achieving a goal. Shortly after, we drove through the industrial park at the Sebring Airport, and focused on creativity and its impact on aviation. While at Agero, we listened in on phone calls to the company and learned the value of composure in the workplace. Our final destination was Florida Hospital in Sebring, where we were shown the new technology that is being implemented throughout the medical field. We learned that even with growing technology, it is important to focus on the humanity of each patient in order to be successful. Overall, today was amazing and I am extremely thankful to have had the opportunity to explore Highlands County and the businesses within it.

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