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Racing for the Heartland Food Bank

At six a.m. on Sunday morning our Youth Leadership Highlands group gathered at the South Sebring Publix to begin our grocery store race for the Heartland Food Bank. Myself and the other students had spent time raising money for sponsorships to pay for the groceries we were going to collect. We got with our groups and met our announcer Mike Rider who told us the rules. We attached the sponsors names to the sides of the cart. We got four minutes to walk and gather nine of everything on our list. It was very stressful trying to get everything we could while not running and returning to the front before the four minutes were up. After everyone raced we brought the shopping carts to the register and they checked us all out. We had raised about five thousand dollars in groceries and filled up the Heartland Food Bank truck. The winners of the race were Mary, Bo and Kirsten.

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