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Government Day and Many More

Government day and many more. Every outing we did was tied into a leadership skill that we were suppose to take out of what we learned overall that day. The most impactful and favorite outing of mine was Tourism day. My favorite stop on tourism day was Maxwell’s packing house. Mr. Maxwell had many leadership skills and qualities that we were learning. He told us how his struggles and trials help him be as successful as he is today. Mr. Maxwell also told us how his core value was his faith in Jesus Christ through thick and thin. Mr. Maxwell to me is a perfect example of a good leader because he used his character to make his family business run for many, many years. Most importantly, he never gave up.

All of the businesses that we visited and learned about had one thing in common. They were all acorns at one point. You may be wondering “what is she talking about”. Well when i say acorn i mean a small seed. When a seed is planted it needs help to grow meaning it needs water, nutrients, sunlight. These owners started out small and mostly scared. People may see big business and think they had no complications what so ever. When a seed starts to grow it matures by going through many challenges. Every business not only in our county but in the whole world, go through struggles and even failure. We as leaders go through this as well. When we are in a conflict some of us just give up. These owners of these different businesses did not give up because they knew what God had in store for them and they knew how many lives they would change by growing from an acorn to an oak tree.

Before YLH we all have planted or were planting our acorn. We learned so much that I couldn't even imagine learning in such short time. Leaving this program will give us, class six, a chance to produce acorns by being positive leaders at not only our schools, but throughout the whole county. We built each other up, learned about not only ourselves but everyone in the class, and lastly new friendships with new beginnings. I believe that this program will change so many lives and help let upcoming sophomores see what the real world really is about, and to show us how we need more leaders. This program is just the beginning of a new generation of leaders that will grow from an acorn to an oak.

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