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Highlands County Offers Citrus and Much More!

Today was Agriculture Day. Our leadership team had an amazing day full of experiences and overall education. I thought that the only large industry in Highlands County was citrus, but was surprised to discover many other large, local businesses that were Ag related. The first place we visited was Happiness Farms. We learned that Happiness Farms was a family business that began with two people, and now is a huge manufacturing building with crazy machines and many employees. The second place we went was to Delray Plants. It was MASSIVE! We learned that the owner lives in Highlands County and actually owns many acres of plant facilities. My favorite part of the day was going to Smoak Ranch. Smoak Ranch owns cattle and citrus. I enjoyed learning about the cattle industry and how Florida dominates in citrus. The leadership program has been amazing and although this has been my favorite day, I have enjoyed each one. Being able to learn in an open environment is a great experience and a lot of fun. Ag Day was my favorite day of the program so far!

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