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Chicago Mafia? Highlands County?

Tourism & Agriculture Day

This field trip took the students of the Mason G. Smoak Foundation Youth Leadership Highlands class all around Avon Park and Sebring visiting many businesses including the Sebring Raceway, Maxwell’s, The Jacaranda Hotel, a dairy farm, and Sun N lakes Golf Course. Many things were learned throughout this trip ranging from how fast a race car goes to how farmers milk their cows for mass production. It's interesting to see all of the little things that are put into the making of what we use in our everyday lives, such as oranges or milk. It is equally interesting to visit the places of Highlands County to learn the true history behind each building. For example, there are even ties of old Chicago Mafia to the Jacaranda Hotel located on Main Street in Avon Park. Today's Highlands County youth will never truly understand the beauty that is in our old and unique county.

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