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I Am Committed to Youth Leadership Highlands!

In my tenth grade year, I found myself in the Youth Leadership Highlands program, visiting different businesses in my community that I never knew existed. When I heard about the Youth Leadership Highlands V2 in eleventh grade, I couldn’t wait to join and give back to the community in Sebring. I became very interested and committed once I learned that our focus would be on the Child Advocacy Center. After my first visit during my tenth grade year, I was extremely curious about their work that they do with young children and teenagers. In the first meeting, I became aware of our specific goal: to renovate the center in order to make it more opening. Through many meetings and countless hours of scrolling through Google Images, we finally narrowed down the designs for the new office. Along with this, we also implemented the idea of a service dog and music throughout the facility to promote a calm feeling. From this amazing and eye opening opportunity, I learned how much I have a say in the community and the changes that I can do. In the next few months, the other students and I will learn about Habitudes and go through training for teaching other students. Habitudes are images that form leadership habits and attitudes. I am keen on continuing through the Habitude program to develop my leadership and communication skills. Overall, I’m very excited to continue my incredible and unique journey with the Youth Leadership Highlands programs and the lessons that I will glean from the experiences.

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