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5 Stops in 1 Day? Highlands County? YLH Social Services Day

For social services day Youth Leadership Highlands had the privilege of visiting five places in Sebring. We started our day at New Concepts, an adult day care. Spending time with the people and making Christmas ornaments was tons of fun, and all of the smiles and spunky personalities were a plus! Next, we made a stop at the Redlands Christian Migrant Association, a child daycare provided for parents and migrant workers. Welcoming students and leaders showed us their classrooms and explained their association.

After the daycare we went to New Testament Missions where we served food.

We learned about the history of New Testament and all that they do for the community, it was an eye opening experience that allowed us to meet many new faces. Second to last, we stopped at the Child Advocacy Center, this was another eye opening experience. They explained the process of going through a case, and showed us around their facility. Last, but not least we spent time at Nu Hope Elder Care. The staff explained some common difficulties that the elder people face, such as Arthritis and vision issues, and how these issues can greatly affect their daily routines. The Social Services Day definitely opened my eyes to all of the hard work and service that goes on behind the scenes to make our county helpful, safe, and welcoming.

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