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Most Informative Day Out

Our Lake Placid Day Out was, in my opinion, the most informative day out yet! I’ve lived in Lake Placid my whole life and I think I learned more that day then in my whole 16 years I’ve lived here. For instance, I come from a religious family and we attend church every Sunday. Happiness Farms has always been across the street from my church and I’ve always wondered if it was still open or if it was just a random building. It took me 16 years to figure out what great things happen there! Happiness Farms supplies the world with beautiful caladiums of many sorts. It’s incredible to know that no matter where I go I can have a piece of home with me, even if it is just a plant. My favorite part was riding the buggy around the Smoak Ranch in the woods and getting to see a whole new part of nature. It definitely doesn’t compare to the nature that we have in our backyards. The time at the Lightsey Family Ranch was also eye opening. Mr. Lightsey shared some of his life story with us and it taught me that even though you may start with nothing, you can still do whatever you put your mind to and with the right amount of dedication you can accomplish your dreams and more. I’m so grateful to have gone on this trip!

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