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Highlands County Provides Hope

For Social Services Day we went to Nu Hope Elder Care, Samaritan’s Touch, New Testament Mission, Hope Haven Transitional Housing and New Concepts ADT. At Nu Hope we learned how it is for older people who have vision problems, for example, yellowing of the eye or cataracts. Samaritan’s Touch made me realize that many people don’t have health insurance and they help people who need it receive medical care. New Testament helps the less fortunate by feeding then lunch and dinner while giving many a place to live. At Hope Haven, we were shown how Ms. Leslie runs the place. Also how she helps other by giving those who need it a place to live and help them find jobs. When we went to New Concepts we helped teach crafts to the adults in their care. We learned that they go there to learn what they want to and they enjoy different activities. My favorite place was New Concepts, I really liked working with the adults in their care.

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