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What a Gem!

When my son brought home the application for the Mason G Smoak Youth Leadership Highlands I was unaware of the organization and what it provided. Wow is this a gem of a program. This experience has provided my son not only a hands on behind the scenes look at businesses that demonstrate specific aspects of our community, but also an introspective analysis of who he is and who he can become as a leader.

He gained an understanding of personalities (his and others) and how they fit together as a team to accomplish a common goal. Through the excursions he has become more aware of the community he lives in, how it works, and how the different services are needed for our population to thrive. He did not hesitate to volunteer for a second year where they applied their leadership knowledge in real life, and learned where they were challenged, and where they excelled. This is an amazing opportunity for our young students to tap into their leadership potential and see the possibilities of where it can take them.

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