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Giving Back To Our Community

The second day out for the YLH group was informative and inspiring, especially for me.

The dedicated theme for our second field trip was Social Services. Throughout our adventure of Sebring, we encountered selfless individuals following a centralized goal of giving back to the community. The importance and dedication towards offering service to our community was emphasized. We went to many locations including New Concepts ADT, New Testament Mission, and Nu-Hope Elder Care. At New Concepts, we were assigned to work with adults to create Christmas crafts such as cards, trees made of pinecones, and snow globes. It was very relaxing and inspiring to help them. At first I was uncomfortable, but that changed after I talked with the adults at the center. The experience at New Testament Mission was also noteworthy. We had the opportunity to serve food to incoming people and learn the fascinating history behind its creation. Nu-Hope Elder Care was our last stop of the Social Services Day. At the location, we were involved in activities pertaining to the worsening vision of individuals that become old. It was entertaining to indulge in the games, but also heartbreaking to discover that the elderly have to experience these difficulties on a daily basis. Overall, the experience for our second day out was very fascinating, with encouragement to pursue service in the future. I hope that I have the opportunity to visit these locations again.

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