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MGSF Scholarships

2020 Recipients

Annette Manriquez-Rivera.JPG
 My name is Annette Manriequez- Rivera and I am a 2020 graduate from Desoto High School. I have recently begun summer classes at the University of South Florida, online due to the circumstances. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to receive this scholarship.  I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology; however, I plan on finishing it at the University of Florida. I also want to obtain my Master’s degree from UCLA, if possible. This scholarship is of great help to me financially in my first years of college. Overall, I’m doing well, but I do hope to make time to exercise, do other hobbies I enjoy, and most importantly, continue practicing my Faith. Once again, thank you for the opportunity! I hope you’re doing well. 
Annette Manriquez-Rivera
Desoto High School
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