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Complex System of Justice

I learned that the system we depend on for justice and laws is more complex that what the eye might see. Once you take a closer look, there are multiple elements that enable the system to run smoothly. One being the different branches of government. Each branch has their own duties. The executive branch has the sheriffs, police officers, etc. to enforce our laws. The judicial branch includes the judges, who are special individuals, with no biases, who interpret the law when handling cases. This ensures that the people on trial have a fair case. Lastly the legislative branch makes the laws, with a goal of keeping us safe and organized. One thing all the people we saw who work for our government have in common is leadership. They are all individuals who step up and take responsibility to help keep citizens safe. Every one of the people I met have compassion, determination, and problem-solving qualities. From Judge Angela Cowden to the Highlands County SWAT team, all of them were very inviting and sweet. Two other leadership qualities I observed today were flexibility and bravery. An example that Judge Cowden gave us was that even if you are a trash collector, you have to make sure you are the best trash collector there is. Something I will take with me from this experience is no matter what you do, make sure you do it the best you can.


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