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A Race at Publix

On April 25th, 2021 I participated in the shopping cart race with Youth Leadership Highlands and the Mason G. Smoak Foundation to give food to the local food bank. The race took place at our local Publix at 5:45 in the morning. This all started when we each raised $150 to buy the food. Then when we arrived at the Publix we were given a list of food to pick up for the food bank. Notable items my group had to pick were rice, stuffings, soup, stew, and ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. As the name suggests, we were trying to gather everything as fast as possible, but my group couldn’t find the stuffing until the last second! This race was so much fun and was for a good cause because all the food we bought was given to the local food bank who help people who need it. Especially in this time, it is important to help out those who need it. I would totally love to do this again!!

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