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Highlands County is More Than “Farm Country”

On our last day out, I had the opportunity to see parts of our community that I had never seen before. For example, we went to CitraPac and got to take a tour of their facility. By going there,

I was able to expand my understanding of our community and learn that Highlands County is more than the “farm country” I thought it was before. I realized that it truly is a place of business opportunity and site for growth. I was also able to learn about the opportunities that our county has for people to help others by going to Agero and the Florida Hospital in Sebring.

I was exposed to new career options and innovations when we went to the hospital, too. In terms of leadership, CitraPac taught me that taking even the smallest initiative can lead to great expansion and growth. At first, all the owner had was a concept, and now he controls a business that has grown across several states. Overall, our day out also made me realize all of the options that I have for myself. I can go into one of the many branches of medicine, develop technology for hospitals, assist with distributing/finding help when others are in need, or take one of my own ideas and work hard to turn it into a whole business.

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