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Tourism & Ag Day “Business & Responsibility"

On our third day out, I was able to get an insight on many historic spots throughout our county. We began at the Sebring Race Track. We learned that the Sebring Raceway known throughout Europe as a famous race track. Being able to see the cars up close was something that not many get to experience, especially being able to watch the cars test their speed around the track when the “12 Hours of Sebring” is not in season. Shortly after, we made our way to Maxwell Groves. We were able to learn about how this family company is run, and how they were able to get through difficulties caused by the hurricane. The visit ended with being able to have a sweet taste of the orange and vanilla ice cream served at Maxwell’s. We made our way to the Jacaranda Hotel for lunch and a quick tour. Hearing stories about the historic background of the hotel made me even more curious as to what else there is to find in this town. Later that day, we also made a stop at Barben Fruit and learned about the responsibilities and challenges of growing a business in agriculture. Our day ended with a stop at Sun n’ Lake golf community. Getting to learn about how different businesses run and the enormous responsibility it takes to get others interested in the business is something that I will never forget. It takes a lot of responsibility to be a leader and to step up when it comes to running a family business or working with others. This day out made me realize how hard work pays off when it comes to doing something you enjoy.

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