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An Opportunity to Remember

As always, the day started early on a Wednesday morning. We pull up to the Sebring International Raceway, and a heavy fog hung over the track. We stopped briefly, the gates opened, and we drove across the track onto the infield. Through the fog we could see multiple trailers full of Indy Series race cars. Crew members are walking around carrying various tools and parts, and upon leaving the bus we were standing in front of the A.J. Foyt Racing, Indy team trailer. We listened to a team member, watched as they pieced the car together, and finally heard the beautiful twin-turbo V6 roar. Towards the end of the session, I asked the crew member how I could get to the same place that he is in life, and he replied “knock on as many doors as you can.” Since then, the advice that the crew member gave me has pushed me to talk to business owners, and managers of businesses that are in my areas of interest, further opening doors to my future.

This experience was just one of the many like it that left me thinking that “I just did something that will definitely benefit me later in life.” It was truly an opportunity that I will never forget. Over the course of the year, we walked on cattle ranches, orange groves that have deep ties in our State’s history, and listened to the stories of how the people that run them, lead a successful life. We met SWAT team members, a judge, the Sheriff, and many other great people…and even some unruly prisoners. Each time I took with me a little piece of advice or wisdom which caused me to seek new experiences, talk to new people, and see the world from many new perspectives.

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